Board Member

Loreen’s social impact journey began in 2013 while she was still a first year student and chose to volunteer at an organization called Nafisika Trust that runs prison rehabilitation programs in Kenya. She was allocated in Jamhuri Short Sentence Prison as a counselling psychologist working with inmates who had a history of drug and substance abuse addiction and she walked them through a rehabilitation programme dubbed, ‘Overcomer’s Outreach’.

This experience had a huge impact on her choices and she got a burden for the young people in society and developed a passion for creating better and sustainable communities. She served as a Programs Coordinator at Nafisika Trust for four years.

She was awarded as an Associate fellow for The Royal Commonwealth Society in 2016, holds  a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Psychology , Post-graduate certificate in Social Innovation Management from Amani Institute and is currently pursuing Masters of Arts in Gender and Development studies.

She is currently a Program Manager at The Somo Project, an organization that identifies, trains, funds and mentors entrepreneurs in low income areas.