Lulu Thamani Missions Program

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To transform and improve the livelihood of marginalized communities with the gospel by planting healthy churches for the Glory of God.

We are committed to mobilize the Church, to do missions through evangelism, discipleship and improving the livelihood of marginalized communities as we seek to plant healthy churches.

The need for theological training

Most Pastors in the rural areas who are committed to shepherding God’s flock have little or no theological education and they don’t have access to both formal and informal theological studies. Research shows that in Nine out of every ten pastors in Africa have no access to theological training.

This shows how the church in Africa is vulnerable to false teaching and hinders them from being able to build up the body and equip believers. Pastors have to cross the barriers some of them being scarcity of resources, cost, English illiteracy and regulation from education governing bodies acquiring theological training.

We fill in the gap by providing a solution to this problem of access to sound theological and that is providing affordable through a church based theological training program where trained church men are involved in training other churchmen.

Our program provides a foundation similar to that of a bible school or seminary and it’s designed for delivery in a live classroom setting by qualified teachers. Our teachers are committed to the gospel of Jesus, Bible’s inerrancy and sufficiency, authoritativeness in believing and practices of believer.

Our curriculum is designed under seven Theology disciplines: Biblical Theology, Systematic theology, Exegetical Theology, Historical Theology, Practical Theology, Missions, and Apologetics.

We offer 14 courses in 2 years, 14 courses in 28 lessons in a span of 16 weeks. Our lessons aim to equip pastors and church leaders with basic theological teaching, practical skills, pastoral training, and sufficient bible knowledge needed to fulfill their pastoral calling.