What is the purpose that inspires you?

“Your WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you”

Picture Credit: Island Christian Church Missions

Most probably you know WHAT you do, you know HOW you do it, now you need to know WHY you do what you do. If you seek change in your enterprise, you want to get a new path that sets you apart from your competition and lays the foundation for the future, you are ready to discover your WHY.

A WHY is a blueprint; set of values and beliefs through which to make decisions that last. It is only for those organizations committed to positive change and long-term success.

When an organization starts with WHY, they stand for something bigger than any product, result or metric. Their brand has real meaning and true value in the world. They are better able to attract and unite employees, customers and partners. And their people love coming to work.

Want to discover your personal why? use this simple toolkit.

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