Why women empowerment?

Photo Credit: 3BL Media

Empowerment is a wonderful strategy that empowers women and girls to think and participate in personal and corporate decision making, influencing theirs and others’ lives and improving their social status. The value of women empowerment cannot be explained enough because through it we mould a whole rounded woman ready to face the world with confident; with courage and it promotes leadership skills. At Lulu Thamani we believe women need leadership skills to gain control over their own lives and create enabling environment for others, impacting the communities.

Our organization seeks to develop effective workshops for women and girls in the rural Kenya and East Africa (our greater vision), building, rooting and supporting their entrepreneurial muscles and helping them to be independent decision makers. This way we believe they will be in control of their resources and be in a position to sustain themselves and their families without relying on other. This way we unearth value, building capacity and unveil potential in the 21st century woman.